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Please email us or use the form below for enquiries about dealing, administration and other matters only. Please do not place deals or quote confidential details in emails, as they may not be secure.

To make any material changes to your account, such as a change of address or a change of name following a marriage, please write to us and don’t forget to sign your letter.

Please call our Helpline for any information.

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    Postal address:

    Consistent Unit Trust Management Company Limited
    c/o Yealand Administration Limited
    Stuart House,
    St John’s Street,
    PE1 5DD

    Helpline: 0345 850 8818 Fax: 01733 286 870

    By Email: Consistent@Yealand.com

    Registered office:  81 High Street, Nash, MK17 0EP
    Company registered in England, No. 2145528